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::: Tatyana Fazlalizedeh ::: 

::: Tatyana Fazlalizedeh ::: 

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::: Downtown Los Angeles by Ian Wood :::

I do love my city—some excellent shots of street art and the art district in this.

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The resistance of an angler fish is: to end a billion years of darkness by crowning myself with my own star.
- Jess X. Chen

The resistance of an angler fish is: to end a billion years of darkness by crowning myself with my own star.
- Jess X. Chen

::: Ritual Cycle: Interim Ignis :::

Behind the scenes shots from my latest experimental film. The piece is the second of five films that I’m working on with my collective Nomad Solstice. The five films will eventually be part of a gallery installation next year. 


Photo Credit: Scott Arany

::: ’Snow Meditation’ by Siegfried Zademack (2008) :::


::: ’Snow Meditation’ by Siegfried Zademack (2008) :::

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Test Shots by Rog Walker.

Test Shots is an ongoing series of portraits taken in the studio with photography couple Rog and Bee Walker. Each photograph, taken mostly of their close friends and fellow creatives, is as striking as it is simple.

Opting for a sombre and dark background, coupled with poised and pensive subjects, Walker’s shots manage to maximize on the simplicity of the traditional portrait style by making use of a medium format camera that provides an image quality which, despite the powerful stillness of each individual, vividly brings the details of each photograph to life. This brings out both a sense of strength and vulnerability in each picture, alluding to the intimate two-way dialog between subject and photographer.

"This is the most organic method of communication I have. Photography is the way I speak…It doesn’t get more personal than another human, and that’s what I’m looking to capture, that connection between humanity." - Rog Walker

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::: Jillian Mercado :::

"New York blogger Jillian Mercado, who has muscular dystrophy, has been in an electric wheelchair since the age of 12. But this didn’t stop her from becoming a well-known and influential fashion figure in the Big Apple by the age of 23."

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This is how you lose her.

You lose her when you forget to remember the little things that mean the world to her: the sincerity in a stranger’s voice during a trip to the grocery, the delight of finding something lost or forgotten like a sticker from when she was five, the selflessness of a child giving a part of his meal to another, the scent of new books in the store, the surprise short but honest notes she tucks in her journal and others you could only see if you look closely.

You must remember when she forgets.

You lose her when you don’t notice that she notices everything about you: your use of the proper punctuation that tells her continuation rather than finality, your silence when you’re about to ask a question but you think anything you’re about to say to her would be silly, your mindless humming when it is too quiet, your handwriting when you sign your name in blank sheets of paper, your muted laughter when you are trying to be polite, and more and more of what you are, which you don’t even know about yourself, because she pays attention.

She remembers when you forget.

You lose her for every second you make her feel less and less of the beauty that she is. When you make her feel that she is replaceable. She wants to feel cherished. When you make her feel that you are fleeting. She wants you to stay. When you make her feel inadequate. She wants to know that she is enough and she does not need to change for you, nor for anyone else because she is she and she is beautiful, kind and good.

You must learn her.

You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. You must know how long it takes for her to give up. You must be there to hold her when she is about to.

You must love her because many have tried and failed. And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept.

And, this is how you keep her.

Junot Diaz, This is How You Lose Her (via golden-notes)

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Model and Blogger Nikia Phoenix for CurlDuchess/KisforKinky

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